4 Best Graphics Design Editors for a Web Designer

There are so many graphic design editors out there on the market right now. It is quite hard to separate the flowers from the weeds. Luckily, veterans already know the best ones. It is only the up and coming who get lost in the madness. In the spirit of leveling the playing field, no one should settle for anything less than these four.


Photoshop is the most popular and widely-used photo editor. When it comes to graphical manipulation, there is nothing it cannot do. Even though it cannot be used to fully create a website, all the images and graphics involved will require the use of Photoshop.


Corel is the second best thing after Adobe’s Photoshop. It was made with a Web Designer in mind. With CorelDraw, the designer can design every aspect of their website without relying on stock photos and borrowed graphics. Its great alignment features help in arranging the layout of a website in an expert manner.

Adobe Illustrator

The Adobe Creative Cloud has done its best to cover all areas of design. Aside from Photoshop, Illustrator also stands out from the rest. Illustrator is the master of vector art. This is where designers make all their logos, icons, and sketches. It is the ultimate way to transform a regular webpage into a brilliant work of art.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the one-stop-shop for everything web design. It is the software that combines everything into one. One can edit their graphics, insert images and develop a website using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and many more.

Any perfect website design or ad campaign takes the use of a professional tool to execute it. No good design can come from a subpar tool. That is why graphic designers need access to the finest editors for them to pull off amazing designs.